Is discernment part of our spiritual growth and betterment as humans?

The great spiritual teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda said:

“We must destroy division. Look to the example of the great Christ who came in the East and stands as a lofty ideal before both East and West, telling them, Here am I in the midst of you; learn from one another, balance your spiritually and material development.”

This philosophy should also be applied to the merging of our inner and outward selves.

The mystery school Astara, states:

“All paths to God eventually meet.”

merging all parts of the self with higehr consciousness

Let’s add:

all paths to your higher spiritual development will eventually meet.

YEBO Dictionary

Here’s how YEBO describes the process of discernment:

Discernment takes the left-brain, analytical mind, the one reads books and articles while sifting and sorting through the facts, mixing it with the broader, spiritual, or right brain component that knows things through intuition and a higher sense of things, and coming out somewhere between the two. Discernment is not isolating something as blatantly, definitely and defiantly right or wrong—rather, it is a highly personal and active process that becomes a skill through use. When honed to it’s best capability, discernment is instantaneous, and leads to higher knowing. In this way those 3D skills of reading and listening become 5D extrasensory skills of knowing.

Have you ever heard the saying that everyone is psychic? Just because you aren’t able to see the future or channel off-world entities does not mean you do not possess this skill. Rather, those of us who are more practical and analytical in our approach can follow the discernment path to extra-sensory development.

Taking this back to the real news vs. fake news debate and how to best discern the truth for yourself, the process requires merging your analytic (left brain) mind, with your intuitive (right brain), a/k/a “knowing” side, and finding your particular balance between the two.

right left brain hemispheres

The most obvious way one does this is through repetition. Keep reading those alternative sites. Follow the info pathways through to their end, or until they lose their credibility. Watch videos. Read related articles. The light will emerge. That’s a promise.

But—and this is a big but– in order for you to do this properly, you must acquire an open mind by releasing of all of your belief systems. There should be no “sacred cows,” or anything which can’t be examined and traced back to its root form, where you will then accept it, or dismiss it.

This means letting go of each school of thought that has been imposed upon you since birth, including the things you were taught at school, in religion class, or on the news. Everything. Let go of all concepts that you have accepted because you were told it was right. This means politics. Religion. Education. Medicine. Food. Health.

The list goes on. “But, but–” you will say.

No buts. When you are through you will have an open mind.

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Some pointers for your journey:

When something brings up anger or fear within yourself, step back and examine your reaction. Is it coming from the breaking down of belief structures? If so, take the time to examine that structure and why you believed it in the first place.

Let’s get something straight, here at the outset. There’s nothing wrong with authority itself. It’s the belief part that messes everything up. Anyone can claim authority. But such authority only matters if others believe in it.

–David Icke

If, however, the info source is generating fear deliberately, then it is not a credible source. Step away.

If the source at its center, generates a feeling of empowerment, love and unity, without telling you that you must ascribe to that belief system, then keep reading.