What info type are you?


    What info type are you?


    It's no secret that we each have our own approach when aquiring information.

    Here's a fun little quiz to help get things started. When it comes to exposing the truth, it helps to know where to begin.

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    1) What's your general approach when learning new things about the world?
    2) How do you feel about alternative news sites?
    3) Of the following, what's the best way to spend an afternoon?
    4) Your friend is going off about methods of ethically growing coffee in Bolivia-- again. How do you react?
    5) What's your view of big pharma?
    6) Which of the following most describes your religion?
    7) You personal level of neatness is..
    8) You are studying for a college exam on Greek democracy. Which describes you:
    9) How's you're punctuation:
    10) The newspapers have just announced that THE UNITED STATES, INC. has been dismantled, and the true republic of the United States of America has been restored. Which best describes your reaction?

    Which one of these words are you most drawn to?

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