What was the real purpose of tainting the alternative news industry and ridiculing those who share news on social media sites after mainstream media published the infamous Fake News List? I am referring, of course, to the Millennial, “I Don’t Take BS From You Authorities, or Anyone” Generation.

It seems the millennial generation uhmm, a bit reactive. Or in this case, radioactive.

You remember the Fake News Wars and how they began?

Meet the Professor Who Wrote the Fake News List Hitlist (Then Disappeared)

The branding of alternative news sources as fake was followed by an attack on those who obtained and shared their news on social media:

Most Americans Get News from Social Media

Millennials Consume News in their Own Way

If traditional “news” sources are not cutting it, then where is one supposed to get facts? And once you’ve gotten them, what do you do with them–do you keep alarming or eye-opening information to yourself, or do you share it with your friends?

I would think that you would share that information, that is if you give a whit about your fellow man, or in this case, fellow Millennial.

Millennials consumer base
Millenials comprise the largest consumer base in U.S. history

Was the release of the big bad Fake News list perhaps a precursor to a wider op? A wider psyop stemming from an awareness by those in control of mainstream news, that people, particularly Millennials – who comprise the largest consumer base in US history (Forbes) –were breaking free of false programming and turning to social media in threatening numbers?

Millennials consumer basePerhaps the list of Fake News sites was in fact a giant psyops operation intended to reverse a trend toward free-thinking by the youth of America and bring them back into their daddy’s embrace: mainly, back into the arms of mainstream media.

Evil corporate media
Daddy Media

If so, it was a false-flag takedown with a precise target, a fake operation used to bring about a pre-selected outcome, in this case the tendency to share truthful news on social media.

The above media revelations were followed by a spate of stories of how (horrors!) college students not only got their news from places like Facebook, but could not “tell the difference” between real and fake news, bringing shame to college professors across the land:

Students Have ‘Dismaying’ Inability To Tell Fake News From Real, Study Finds

How easy it is to put down young thinkers for their tendency to share the stories they find intriguing or informative. How brilliant to quash the choice to learn, think and discern truth on their own. If allowed to do this, these young minds might just develop what has largely been eliminated from modern schooling (common core): the ability to think cognitively and form independent opinions. In other words, the ability to reason and form solid conclusions on one’s own.

YEBO Dictionary

By “cognitively think” I put forth YEBO’s definition:

Cognition: the ability to think, decide, and eliminate information on one’s own while not swallowing the company line simply because it exists. This refers to all belief systems not come to on one’s own, including those taught by religion, politic leaders, educational systems, and more.

Very efficiently, the fake news psyops painted mainstream media as the one and only truthful source of information, while any organization that did not belong to a corporate owner, was in fact, a liar.

Meanwhile, any thinking person who followed the Clinton-Trump Chronicles on CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS and the like, knows that mainstream is not, and most-likely never has been, a source of anything close to truth or news.

So back to the motives behind the fake news wars.

After the release of the fake Fake List, Mainstream Media began citing alarmingly high numbers of adults getting their news from Facebook, a claim that touched off a brief national debate as well as Facebook’s new censorship policies (bingo!):

Facebook Will Now Censor ‘Fake News’

Chastened Millennials climbed aboard, relinquishing their free speech in favor of their right to censorship, mostly due to the added element of fear.

Fake news on Facebook is a real problem. These college students came up with a fix in 36 hours.

Getting people to give up their rights through the use of fear is the crowning achievement of an effective psyop.

These machinations are for our own benefit of course, and do not trample on our constitutional right to free speech or free access to information.

These machinations are not a harbinger of more censorship to come.

Facebook is not a CIA operation.

And thanks to Fukishima radiation, Mermaids are leaving the Pacific ocean in droves and at long last arriving upon dry land.

beached mermaid

Or maybe it’s the Millennials who are helping the rest of us arrive upon dry land–at last.

millennial revolution
Are we headed for a Millennial revolution?