The recent war between mainstream media and the alternative news brings one thing to mind psyops. Ot more precisely: FAKE NEWS PSYOPS.

If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.

–Edward Bernays, Father of Public Relations

social enginnering psyops

Wikipedia’s definition of Psyops makes the term appear benign and almost pleasant:

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

If you look beyond the first search page however, you will find that psyops is in fact a long-standing program involving brainwashing of the American public in a process called “social engineering,” an insidious program that reaches into every avenue of our allegedly civilized existence.

From Infosec Institute:

Military doctrine includes the possibility of exploiting the wide audiences of social media to conduct psychological operations (PsyOps) in a context of information warfare with the primary intent to influence the “sentiment” of large masses (e.g., emotions, motives, objective reasoning).

“Psychological operations” is not a new concept. In the past, on many occasions and in different periods, the military has used the diffusion of information to interfere with opponents divulging artifact information or propaganda messages. Governments have used secret agents infiltrated behind the enemy lines or launched leaflets with a plane over enemy territories; today, social networks have the advantage over these types of missions.

FYI, PsyOps for use on the public fall under the broader category of Social Engineering and were created conjointly with the Tavistock Institute in London and Operation Paperclip. The mega-billionaire alleged philanthropist, George Soros has had his hand in this as well.

Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program to Bring Nazi Scientists to America (CIA website)

Operation Paperclip is the government program that brought Nazi research to the West where their work was integrated into mainstream life. Their social engineering research. and use of psyops, helped create a compliant and naive public that would consume products that were not in their best interest to consume, from birth to death.

This wholly engineered system includes programming humanity via:

  • Un-News (disinformation)
  • Un-Education System (regimentation, compliance and in-the-box-style thinking)
  • Un-Food (altered from its natural state to make us fat, sick and dependent upon our Western ‘Un-Healthcare” system)
  • Un-Health (eradicating the means of healing of disease at its true, root cause)
  • Un-Government (in which the style of democracy is mimicked but never adopted)
  • Un-Music and Un-Entertainment, which effectively continue the pattern of redesigning our every thought, emotion, and perception of ourselves as human beings.

So back to the Fake News Psyops and what’s really behind them. What happened is that a self-purported authority put out what she claimed were 200 fake news sites that were allegedly poisoning the psyches of the naïve American public, planted on the US internet by ex-KGB propaganda agents.

If you look behind mainstream’s account of Russian deviltry and read between the lines, you will discover that Putin, no matter how flawed, is currently doing his best to circumvent WWIII, not create one. He had nothing to do with the Fake News PsyOps. Yes, this statement stands in contrast to human rights violations in his country, and opposes what the current PTB (Powers That Be) would have us believe.

 Putin, angel or devil?

The Washington Post quickly reprinted the so-called authority’s Fake News list as fact. The writer duly disappeared from public and shuttered her social media sites in light of cry taken up by the truth community – a long-standing community that has known trouble from the moment it began to rise up 2 or 3 decades ago, which has through the nature of adaptation, learned to survive by wit, intellect and positive intention alone. This has been in the face of ridicule, public ignorance, lack of funds, and sometimes grave persecution. Many in the truth community are reputable, well-intentioned people working for no income, no accolades, and no advertising dollars to do what they feel they must, as compassionate beings sharing responsibility for helping humanity and the planet.

Truth Community underdogs

As the response against the “Fake News PsyOps” rallied forth, it was headed by Ron Paul– who was himself on the Fake News Sites list– in the form of a well worded reply:

“I’m very concerned about fake news stories,” Paul said, adding that “where the fake news comes from is our own government,” including through official economic reports and in pushing for war.

The Washington Post retracted the 200 Fake News Sites article, but not before it was reprinted as fact by other mainstream media outlets. The Post’s very subtle retraction did not undo the damage and now the portion of the public that accepts the surface account of things was supplied a label with which to apply to legitimate alternative news sources: that of “Fake.” This lies at the heart of the Fake News Psyops: a method was supplied to the public by which to immediately dismiss anything that differed from the establishment (mainstream media) version of events.

Fake News Wars

So let’s isolate the Fake News PsyOp purpose. These things have multiple goals, and this one’s no exception.


To supply a label with which to dismiss a growing, and highly threatening, sector of real news.


To paint a target on threatening alternative sites, for a future takedown.


To blame something else on that growing threat to establishment power,   namely, Putin & Russia

As you can see, it gets complicated.

Add to this a survey that reported a large portion of college students obtaining their “news” from social media, and in particular, Facebook, and the psyops cycle grows to include ridiculing those who get their news from alternative news sources.

So four looks like:

Internet Censorship.fake news wars psyops

And censorship in fact looks like the Fake News Psyops’ very real goal.

Yet to some degree the Fake News PsyOps has backfired, as alternative sites are becoming known as the arbiters of truth and the List of 200 is being exposed as for what it really is: a hit list by the mainstream controllers who want to rid themselves of the truth community, a growing and increasingly painful thorn in their side.

Upon closer look, we can see the need for desperation on the their parts as the Pizzagate and pedophilia scandal breaks open. If you don’t know about “Pizzagate” don’t look for it on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, where it is now banned.

As part of the Fake News Wars psyops operation, numerous fake fake news sites were planted during the election (genuine Hoax sites), reporting such things as “Michelle dumps Hillary from her Twitter list,” which, aside from lies, assault the reader with a barrage of  clickbait ( ads that generate a fee for the website owner) upon entering the site. These were not Russian-planted sites but planted by psyops trolls to discredit that which is becoming an unstoppable movement: the quest for truth.

Fake news wars psyops

Tavistock, Bernays, the educational system, and Operation Paperclip information follow as does a satirical piece by Pulitzer-nominee, Jon Rappaport who has been valiantly working in the truth field for decades.

John Taylor Gatto:

Google Books, Tavistock & Operation Paperclip