There’s barely a thinking person left in America who isn’t aware of the concept of fake news. But how many can spot the distortion tactics used to deliberately create confusion?

From Wikipedia:

Fake news websites (also referred to as “hoax news”) deliberately publish hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation purporting to be real news — often using social media to drive web traffic and amplify their effect.

This description can be taken in multiple ways. Truthseekers, or those who look beyond mainstream “authorities” for their information, know Wikipedia for its slant toward mainstream, corporatized America.

YEBO DictionaryHere’s how YEBO describes Fake News:

Corporatized propaganda put out by sources that are trusted because the authorities in charge have said they are trusted and because it has always been this way, and when to stop relying on these sources would paint you as strange, “uninformed,” or in some other way outside what’s considered acceptable.

We call thinking beyond the status quo “outside the box” for good reason. Boxes are confining, uncomfortable, and let in little-to-no sunlight. Yet to break out of one takes only a small effort.

When you are out of that box, you will undoubtedly throw it away and never return to it again. So why don’t more people do it? Change is not such a difficult thing to embrace.

Did you catch the circular talk with regard to the trustworthy nature of mainstream news sites? To trust something because someone said you should trust it, or because “it has always been that way,” is circular reasoning, and isanother distortion tactic. The false repeating of terms like “Hoax news sites,” or, “That’s fake news,” or, “We are the real news,” is Repetition Without Substantiation. 

Repetition is a common distortion tactic, as in:

Don’t support claims with facts, but rather, go round in circles until the reader believes what you are saying by sheer repetition of the claim.

Going further into the psychological side of things, why have so many of us blindly trusted mainstream information sources up until now? Because the sources are put out be people who seem trustworthy, intelligent, likeable, and possessing integrity?


The List: 32 Lies and Disputed Stories NBC News Let Brian Williams Tell For a Decade

The reality is actually far more serious than a rogue reporter painting an imaginary picture of the news. The problem is systematic and not isolated to single cases here and there. Focusing our attention on Williams’ transgression points to two more distortion tactics employed by a typical psyops:

Obfuscation and Deflection.

Obfuscation and deflection involve giving a problem similar to the real one air time, in order to hide or obscure the TRUE problem or issue.

Ahh, deflection and more circular reasoning. The games they like to play!

With regard to the Fake News PsyOps, the real problem is in actuality:

Systematic, widespread dissemination of corrupt information presented as “news,” when it is in fact corporatized propaganda intended to mislead and anesthetize a widespread audience.

A known and accepted mainstream media policy is that newscasters and journalists are given scripts to follow by their corporate bosses. When it isn’t a literal script, it is a policy script. Those who repeat the “news” items as they are told do not necessarily know where the dictates are originating from or why they are put there, but they know they must follow company policy company in order to receive their paycheck. It is simply how it is done.

As for the tellers of these corporatized lies, it is not a matter of quitting to keep one’s integrity intact, for the next “news” outlet down the street has a similar policy, and so on. A journalist can’t quit out of conscience unless he is prepared to find a new career. Every journalist knows “real” or “alternative” news sites do not pay enough to cover the rent, and going to work for one may just possibly wreck your career.

As a result they adopt the distortion tactics, and keep their jobs and public profile intact, if not their conscience.

So, what if the chances of getting a high paying job from a mainstream source in the future are practically nil? Why would you want to go back? Because once you climb out of that box and kick it down the road, it’s a real challenge to crawl back in.

social engineering , psyops and distortion tactics

The truth is, and one most real journalists are aware of, is if you break a real news story—one that will seriously impact the status quo and reveal the true state of our reality–it can not only change people’s lives in a very proactive way, but it can get you killed.

Journalist Exposed CIA Media Manipulation Found Dead – Dr Udo Ulfkotte

Evidence that Andrew Breitbart May Have Been Murdered to Conceal #Pizzagate

This is why we need powerful truthteller and whistleblower protection, and need it fast.

Back to the issue of only knowing what your are told, and not looking further to find out why. This is called Compartmentalization. It’s what keeps the system safe, and status quo in check. To remain blindly trusting in sources without any real reason for doing so puts you in the same camp as those who distort the truth.

Look further for your answers, and break out of the box.

Psyops Techniques & Distortion Tactics learned here:

Circular Reasoning, or Repetition Without Substantiation.