CIA Publishes Gigantic 12 Million Document Declassified Database Online

Central Intelligence Agency

Good news everyone!

The CIA has officially published their entire database of declassified archives to their online website. The documents, originally declassified in 1995 by Bill Clinton, have been available to the public since the year 2000, but only on computers hosted at the National Archives.

This comes as a response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed media outlet MuckRock in 2014. Originally, the CIA said it would take at least 6 years to release the entire database to MuckRock. In a surprising attempt at improving public relations and trust, the CIA changed it’s mind, releasing the entire database to the public online, and years ahead of schedule.

While the documents can be described as incomplete and fragmentary at best, with little ease in searching for comprehensive information about any subject (UFOs, Remote Viewing, The Bay of Pigs, etc.), this online database will prove immensely useful in the months to come.

Independent news organizations, as well as freelance investigators from places like Reddit, will no doubt be on a crusade piecing this information together. Until then, you can do some investigation of your own over at The CIA Reading Room