In 2016, as the Clinton/Trump election and the “Fake News” debacle erupted, it become blatantly, painfully, apparent that a reliable and accurate news source was desperately needed.

Not only accurate, but with events such as Pizzagate and Vault 7 threatening to emerge–

not to mention a growing proliferation of Wkileaks, Snowden papers, whistleblower reports, and alternative media sites–

people’s conception of what constitutes reality was about to break wide open and send a great many individuals in search of answers.

Truthful answers.

This news source needed to be vetted and dependable, while avoiding what so many have been eagerly dishing out:

the deliberate attempt to inflame passions, incite fear, and bring about separatism.

If one thing is clear, the only way we are to get through these events is together, as humans, as one people.

But a problem remained. How were we to reach those who were just awakening to deceptions–

a world of deceptions, inherent not just in our news streams, but in our education, authority sources, and when you get right down to it, deceptions inherent in virtually every avenue of life?

How were we to inform, when those seeking answers, and possibly just becoming aware of the dual nature of things, lacked the informational base it took many of us decades to develop?

Enter YEBO.


To bypass inflammatory material and distortions while setting the story straight on major issues, as best we are able, in an easily-digestible way.

To infuse our work with subtle yet powerful feelings of love and unity, a sense of right and truth, and to do it without scaring anyone.

Truth is nothing to be frightened of. Delivered in the right way, it is empowering and uplifting. In truth we are united and strong. In lies we are broken, divided and enslaved.

YEBO’s ultimate goal is to bring forth the loving, sovereign, harmonious power inherent each one of us.


We aim to present the best version of the truth in order to empower those who seek answers.

But–sometimes real truth is hard to find.

–Truth can be duplicitous in and of itself.

–What we think is truth is only the tip of the iceberg.

–Or, the “truth” may be disinfo. Disinfo can be very, very, very clever. There’s a multi-trillion industry built on manipulating our opinion and policing our belief system and thought structure. “Internet troll” is an actual career.

This manipulation goes back to Tavistock and social engineering, and is deeply embedded in society. Yes, we are being maneuvered, monetized, and brought in as participants in evil acts without our awareness and consent.

Social engineering is why so many people said that in order to keep Trump out of office you had to vote for Hillary. This is a PsyOp at its most obvious, where our focus is maneuvered to an apparent evil (so much so that we demonstrate and riot!), in order to bring about a pre-selected change. This is also the Hegelian Dialectic at work: manipulate people into a position where the debate becomes about the wrong thing as a means of deflection from the true issues. See here:

As we are funneled into  one of two, pre-selected outcomes, the public is treated to a pageant of grand proportion–occupying all our time, chatter, and attention–while the real operations, and the only ones that matter,  occur behind the curtain.

Back to YEBO’s Pledge.

Instead of saying, “this is the truth and you have to listen to us…”

Instead of throwing this or that information out there while inflating it because we’re on the side of right, and the bad propaganda side has so much money that we need to counteract it by instilling fear in you…

we will to do everything within our power to counteract disinfo, propaganda and brainwashing, while presenting truth as best we can discern it, in a non-inflammatory way.

At the very least we can present the avenue to truth so people can learn to wade through disinfo and pluck out the nuggets of knowledge worth saving.

What we don’t want to do is create anger, fear or disunion, ever.

Fear is the opposite of love. When something or someone generates fear or another destructive emotion in you, it becomes a lesson in discernment, and you should back away–but not without first discerning the truth.

Is it deliberate disinfo?

Is it a well-meaning person trying to shake sense into you?

Is it someone who has the facts wrong?

Is it a deliberate attempt to manipulate your emotions and thus control you?

Is it an all out lie, and thus propaganda?

Is it “info” from a paid, government source?

Is it a corporate-owned entity?

and so on.

Soon enough you’ll learn to recognize truth from fiction, and to build a base from which to work.

We want to help you with this process, and to help you develop some necessary tools.

There are many truthtellers out there who are inciting a violent revolution while drawing a metaphorical line in the sand.

What is called for here is inciting an emotional and spiritual revolution. We do this by developing and sharpening our individual discernment, and acting upon it.

We must face the big picture without fear and make optimal choices in a productive and positive manner.

This does not mean to stick your head in the sand. It means to arm yourself with knowledge and to work on change in your own, most powerful, and empowered, way.

This entails, among other things, speaking out when something is wrong without care of what others may think of you or your opinion.

The world is changing rapidly, and many of the ideas that seemed outlandish a few years ago are now accepted as mainstream.

We do not have time to wait for more years to pass for acceptance of truthful, if uncomfortable, ideas.

We’re at a critical point in the health of our oceans, environment, political system, food supply, personal health, and finances.

The tipping point has been reached and we must move forward now.

Instead of running around like Chicken Little, we must make measured, spiritual, educated decisions. What’s meant by spiritual? It means to question everything, including your own belief systems. Question all of them.

If you are holding on to a structure or thought that came from somewhere outside of you, it is a belief system. This includes dogma or ideas you accept as true without questioning them.

I repeat, question everything.

And then act.

Oh, and another thing. Be joyful. Be blissful. Embody a high level of vibration in spirit, even if you feel angry, depressed, our overwhelmed on the inside. Soon you will become that vibration.

When you feel sadness, despair or anger, you feed the darkness. Flip the switch and be on the side of right, and light.

In this way you will bring blessings and bliss to not just yourself, but to everyone around you.